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Photo Excursion March 2016 - Photographing the Wonders of Antiquity, Culture and Landscape: Ethiopia - Cradle of Civilization

The Next Excursion to Ethiopia is March 15, 2016 - March 30, 2016

This is a fantastic trip to the north and south of Ethiopia!  All trip attendees will receive a signed copy of Ethiopia from the Heart, a gorgeous photography book by author and trip leader, Andargé Asfaw.

Our Photo Excursion highlights the art of photography with the splendor of Ethiopia as our backdrop. This is a unique opportunity to see Ethiopia through the eyes of a professional photographer and local guides.  The richness of Ethiopian culture, its awe-inspiring natural wonders, and historical sites are a perfect match for the consummate traveler. This hands-on excursion is open to beginning and advanced photographers, and artists of all media.  See our video clip below.

Ethiopia Photo Trip Itinerary – 14 days in Ethiopia

March 15 – Departure for Ethiopia.

Day 1 - March 16 - Arrive in Addis Ababa

Today we begin our adventure in Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, the gateway to East Africa. Once you have arrived, check into the hotel and begin preparation for the photography excursion. Orientation, equipment prep and photo talk will take place. Visit Mount Entoto and the Ethnological Museum. Enjoy a traditional Ethiopian dinner, dance performance, and coffee ceremony. Overnight in Addis Ababa.

Day 2 - March 17 - Bahir Dar

In morning, fly to Bahir Dar. Bahir Dar is a pleasant city located on the shores of Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia. There are 37 islands on Lake Tana and 30 of them have churches and monasteries of considerable historical and cultural interest. Upon arrival in Bahir Dar, check in to AbayMinch Hotel. Take a boat ride on Lake Tana to admire the beautiful monasteries. Photography excursion will include Zeghie Peninsula, Round Grass Churches, Monasteries and bird life. Overnight in Bahir Dar.

Day 3 - March 18 - Gondar

Early Morning, hike out to Blue Nile Falls, one of Africa's most spectacular waterfalls. Drive to Gondar. In Gondar, there are a dozen castles built by various emperors over the course of 236 years. Visit the royal enclosure containing six castles, a complex network of connecting tunnels, raised walkways and several smaller buildings. Overnight in Gondar.

Day 4 - March 19 - Lalibela

Fly to Lalibela, described as the 8th wonder of the world and considered to be one of the holiest cities in Ethiopia. Start your exploration with the twelve majestic rock-hewn churches. Visit the breathtaking Bette Giorgis church, carved in the shape of a cross and set apart from the other church groupings. Visit the Lalibela market. Overnight in Lalibela.

Day 5 - March 20 - Lalibela

Continue the tour in Lalibela. Drive to Yemrehane Kirstos Church, a masterpiece of Axumite wood and stone construction and renowned for its interior design. Overnight in Lalibela.

Day 6 – March 21- Addis/Awassa

Fly to Addis then drive to Awassa and explore the lovely countryside along the way. Overnight in Awassa.

Day 7 – March 22 - Arbaminch

Drive to Arbaminch. Take a cruise on Lake Chamo to photograph hippos, birdlife, and crocodiles. Overnight in Arbaminch.

Day 8 – March 23 - Jinka

Drive to Jinka. Begin our tour of the Omo Valley, home to the adorned, tribal people of southern Ethiopia. Visit the Konso Village. Overnight in Jinka.

Day 9 –March 24 Mursi/Turmi

Visit the Mursi and the Hamer tribes. Visit the Keyafer Market. Drive to Turmi and overnight.

Day 10 – March 25 - Karo/Turmi

Drive to Karo. Visit the Konso Region where the unique villages are made from concentric stone walls. Drive to Turmi and overnight.

Day 11 – March 26 – Omorat/Turmi

Drive to Omorat to visit the Dasench people. Return to Turmi for lunch and travel to the Alduba market. Return to Turmi and overnight.

Day 12 – March 27 – Arbaminch

Drive to Arbaminch. Visit Arbore Village and Netchsar National Park. Experience the beauty of oryx, zebra, and other wildlife. Overnight in Arbaminch.

Day 13 – March 28 – Addis

Fly to Addis. Visit the Merkato. Enjoy dinner together.

Day 14 – March 29. Explore on your own, or rest in the afternoon. Leave Ethiopia on an early evening flight.


Video of Ethiopia Photo Excursion

Join us in Ethiopia for this fascinating travel opportunity!

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