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Donna T. Jones

Personal Work and Teaching

I love the planet, learning environments, and the arts. I am drawn to the relationship between humans and habitats. The more I walk in the woods, the more limitless life becomes. When everything is silent, that is the most dynamic time.


It is easy to get lost in my windowless studio, where the sun neither rises nor sets. Unlike my commercial work, when photographing a subject for myself, I have to live with the image before finding the right expression onto paper. I am at home with digital and film and use alternative photographic processes, various media and different cameras. I incorporate image transfer techniques, hand color images, or collage paper into the work to create texture. Experimenting with pigment inks, digital negatives, and hand-coated art papers offer limitless possibilities regarding the photographic print. In between the serious working time, writing and cell phone journalism allows me to understand my artistic process.



Being in the midst of creative minds at work is an honor. I cannot imagine not sharing what I have experienced as an artist and a professional with others. I teach students in diverse venues and offer private tutoring in photography. For more specific information regarding the classes and workshops that I teach, please email me.


Check out my sister's (Kim Jones) jewelry website for awesome handmade work.


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